HVAC Equipment

When it comes to the HVAC equipment we recommend to our valued customers, Arndt Heating and Cooling only deals in systems that have a proven track record for long-term efficiency, economy, and ease of maintenance. Below are the product lines we have found to be the best in our business. Call us for a free installation estimate or 24-hour emergency response.

Residential Equipment

Gas, Electric, & Propane Furnaces

Oil Furnaces

Gas, Oil, & Propane Boilers


Air Conditioners

Tanked Water Heaters



Tankless Water Heaters


Heat Pumps


Modular Home Equipment

Air Conditioners

Gas, Oil, & Propane Furnaces

Water Heaters


Indoor Air Quality Products

Thermostats, Air Cleaners, Humidifiers, Zoning & UV Lights

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