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Keep Your Family Safe from Bacteria & Viruses!
Duct Cleaning: 
Homes & Businesses: $475 for the first 12 vents. 
 $15 each additional vent. (Plus tax)
Modular Trailer Home:
A single wide:  $325.00 (Plus tax)
A double wide:  $375.00 (plus tax)
Sanitizing:  $75 plus tax  
UV LAMPS:   Kills 99.99% of Microorganisms including bacteria, viruses, mold, fungi, pathogens and allergens.
Basic: $375
Elite Fresh Aire model: $644
Air Filtration: Assists in cleaning the air in your home
Humidifiers:  Makes the air more comfortable in your home.
Note: There isn’t any documentation that these systems/services kill the Corona Virus.

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